History of TruGrocer Federal Credit Union

TruGrocer Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution, chartered as Albertsons Employees’ Federal Credit Union in 1965 to serve the employees of the retail food and drug company, Albertson’s, Inc.  Albertson’s, Inc. founder, Joe Albertson, was sold on the Credit Union way when he visited a credit union in Southern California that was operated by a competitor.  He helped start the Albertsons Employees’ Federal Credit Union with a $5,000 capitalization loan and a small group of volunteers in the Human Resources, Payroll and Accounting Departments donated their time to obtain a Federal Credit Union charter.


The Credit Union changed its name from Albertsons Employees’ Federal Credit Union to TruGrocer Federal Credit Union on October 1, 2006 to better reflect the depth of its membership, grocery industry associates working under various store banners, and the Credit Union’s future growth strategies.  The sale of Albertson’s, Inc., which occurred on June 2, 2006, made a name change more relevant and necessary.


TruGrocer Federal Credit Union has grown to over $242 million in assets, serving more than 30,000 members for more than 50 years. Members are served in a variety of ways: Six physical full service credit union locations (ID, FL, ME, TX and CA), over 5,000 Shared Branch facilities in the United States, 12 TruGrocer owned ATM’s (ID, ME, TX, CA, OK, OR, UT and AZ), and over 30,000 CO-OP Network ATM’s throughout the United States.


TruGrocer Federal Credit Union is a sound financial institution committed to being a primary source of value added financial services to its membership. It is our goal to provide beneficial, low cost and innovative financial services to members that demonstrate the Credit Union’s commitment to personalized service, member education, credit union principles and business practices that ensure financial strength. We believe in honesty, responsiveness, accountability, friendliness and financial responsibility.


TruGrocer serves employees who work regularly in the grocery and supermarket industry in the United States (excluding convenience store chains).  Retirees and family members of those employees are also eligible for membership.  We are very thankful for the strong partnerships we have developed with various supermarket and grocery stores and chains and for their promotion of the Credit Union as a valuable employee benefit.

TruGrocer Federal Credit Union
Uniting the Grocery Family with Real Financial Value

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